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  What is
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eBay is the most popular website to buy and sell goods on the internet.

It’s a place where individuals and businesses can buy or sell new or second-hand items, from books and clothes to cars to almost anything.

Here's how eBay works:

A seller lists an item on eBay, almost anything from antiques to mobile phones, books to sporting goods.The seller chooses whether to sell the item at a fixed price or accept only bids (auction-type listing).In an auction-type listing, the bidding opens at a price the seller specifies and remains on eBay for a certain number of days.Buyers then place bids on the item. When the listing ends, the buyer with the highest bid wins.In a fixed price listing, the first buyer willing to pay the seller's price gets the item.

Suitable For -

People who are self-motivated and know how to spread the word – to friends, family members, acquaintances and strangers using online or offline mediums.

Skills Required -

Some experience of selling goods online or offline is welcome, along with a business savvy mind.

Time Required To Start Selling On eBay -

To start selling you first need an eBay account and a PayPal account.

After that, you need to enlist your product for which you’ll need upload some product pictures and write an appealing description.

Even if you are a beginner you can do all the above tasks within a day or two.

Tips - 

1. If you are completely new to eBay and your account does not have any feedback, then getting some feedback before starting to sell anything is a good practice.

People are very wary of buying anything online nowadays, so if your account has 0 feedback then no one’s is going to buy anything from you.

It’s recommended that you should get at least 10-15 feedbacks before selling anything.

The simplest way to get feedbacks is to buy 10-15 $0.99 items with free shipping.

Many sellers leave positive feedback to you straight way when you’ll make payment.

2. Start small - Most of the eBay resellers buy a bulk wholesale stock of any particular product then sell it on eBay at a retail price.

If you don’t have money to buy a wholesale stock then find out unwanted items present in your house which are in good condition and make a list of them.

3. Research - Now as you have a list of few ready to sell items you must ensure that there is a market for them.

Take 10 minutes to Google your item and uncover its true market value on eBay and another bunch of e-commerce sites.

This will help you to sell right items more competitively because you’ll have the knowledge of your item’s market and its pricing strategies.

Also, dig out relevant targeted keywords which will help people to find your items via Google search engine.

4. Craft the title - Title is the single most important factor for grabbing the attention of your potential buyer.

Make sure your title is appealing, complete and you’ve included targeted keywords.

You don’t have to be a tech wizard for this. Just ask yourself, what would a potential buyer for this item type into the search box?

5. Write item’s description - Fill out all the fields in your listing, and make sure your textual description is providing all the information that your potential buyer might look for.

Most of the lazy sellers ignore this and fail badly at selling anything on eBay.

6. Upload item’s pictures - Upload only high-quality pictures. Ensure that item’s pictures are new, clear (not blurry) and cover the product from all angles.

Also, don’t restrict yourselves to 2-3 pictures upload at least 6 pictures.

7. Timing - Most of the expert sellers use 10 day listing starting on Thursday, you should use it too, it will give you two full weekends of eyeballs. You’ll usually receive the highest traffic on weekends.”

How To Monetize -

Monetization is very simple. More people place orders with you more money you make.

Your item quality and delivery influence your user feedback which directly affects your order placement.

So make sure you are delivering items with good quality.

eBay handles all your transactions securely,

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  Nini maana ya Frp ( factory reset protection)?
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Huu ni ulinzi uliowekwa kwenye simu (smartphone) ambao google wameuweka kwenye simu kuanzia android lollipop v5.1 na kuendelea kwa
ajili ya kumzuia mtu mwingine asiweze kutumia simu yako au kupata taarifa zako kwa urahisi pale atakapokuwa na simu yako..
Lock hii hutokea pale utakapo reset simu husika. ampapo kwa simu za kawaida zilizo chini ya lollipop v5.1 ukisha ireset hapo inakuwa tayari kwa matumizi lakini hii ni tofauti na simu zenye lock ya frp kwani baada ya simu hii kuwaka itakutaka kuweka email (Google Account) ya mwanzo iliyoungwa (synced) pale simu ilipokuwa inataka kuanza kutumiwa. Na hilo ndilo tatizo kwani google wanakuwa wanataka email ya mwanzo ili kudhibitisha kama kweli wewe ndiye muhusika halali wa simu hiyo
Lakini si kila mtu atakuwa mwizi kwani kurest simu mara nyingi hutokea pale utakapo sahau lock yako au pale simu yako itakapokuwa na tatizo, kwani kuna baadhi ya watu wanakuwa wanauziwa, kuokota au kupewa simu na siyo kila mtu atakumbuka email ya mwanzo iliyotumika.

Njia za kuliondoa tatizo hili
Kama unayo simu yenye tatizo hilo basi unatakiwa kujua kuwa kuna aina mbili ya kuliondoa hili tatizo

1.Bypassing( Cracking)
Hii njia ni njia inayotumiaka kuliondoa hili tatizo bila kutumia tools kama computer au box njia hii inakuwa ni ya mkono tu, ila siwezi kufahamisha jinsi ya kuweza kuliondoa kwa sababu simu zinatofautiana na kila simu ina njia yake....

2.Njia ya vifaa
Vipo vifaa maalumu ambavyo huweza kutumika kuondoa hilo tatizo mfano wa vifaa hivyo ni zx3,octoplus,falcon,
miracle box, Nckdongle , Nckbo, Volcano n.k

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  Trace your mobile
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Simu utaibiwa ila utaipata

If u lose your mobile you can trace it back.

Most of us always fear that our Mobile may be stolen at any time.

Each mobile carries a unique
IMEI no. i.e. International Mobile Equipment Identity No which can be used to track your mobile anywhere in the world.

This is how it works!!

1. Dial *#06# from your mobile.

2. Your mobile shows a unique 15 digit.

3. Note down this number at a secure place except in your mobile phone itself as this is the Number which will help trace your mobile in Case of a theft.

4. Once stolen you just have to E-mail this 15 digit IMEI No. to with details as below.

Your name:____________________
Phone model:_________________
Last used No.:_________________
E-mail for communication:_____
Missed date:___________________
IMEI No :_______________________

5. No need to go to the police.

6. Your Mobile will be traced within next 24 hrs via a complex system of GPRS and internet, You will find where your hand set is being operated and the new user's no. will be sent to your email.

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Huduma za Google Play ni programu ya Android inayohakikisha kwamba programu zako zote zinaendelea. Inafanya hivyo kwa daima kuangalia kwamba programu zote zilizowekwa zina matoleo ya hivi karibuni.

Kwa Huduma za Google Play, unaweza kuthibitisha huduma za Google, kuunganisha anwani zako, kufikia mipangilio ya faragha ya mtumiaji wa hivi karibuni, na kutumia huduma za juu za eneo ambalo hutumia nishati ndogo.

Mbali na hayo yote, Huduma za Google Play huongeza uzoefu wa jumla wa kutumia kifaa chako. Inakuwezesha kutafuta vitu nje ya mtandao, inakupa ramani zaidi ya immersive, na inaboresha uzoefu wa michezo ya kubahatisha kwa kuongeza RAM.

Chaguo zingine za menyu ndani ya Huduma za Google Play hukuwezesha kusimamia programu zako zote (sio wale ambao umeweka), uanzisha mipangilio ya eneo, na hata udhibiti akaunti yako ya Google Fit.

Huduma za Google Play ni programu muhimu kwa kifaa chochote kilicho na mfumo wa uendeshaji wa Android. Bila hivyo, programu nyingine nyingi zinaweza kuanza kuwa na matatizo.

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Psite Shio:
Somo la 1


(A)Simple Tenses :

1. Simple Past Tense ( ‘li’)
- Wakati huu huongelea jambo lililofanyika na kukamilika mara moja wakati uliopita.
Mifano ; tulikuja ,walitembea, alicheza.
- Wakati huu huashiriwa na silabi ‘li’ ambayo hufanya tutambue kuwa tunaongelea jambo lililofanyika mara moja na likamalizika kufanyika katika wakati uliopita. Hii silabi ‘li’ ni lazima iunganishwe na kitendo moja kwa moja kabla ya kitendo. Mfano ; ‘Tuliimba’, tofauti na ‘Tulikuwa tunaimba’ ambapo ‘li’ imefuatiwa na kifungu ‘kuwa’ na sio kitendo. Katika maneno ‘tulikuwa tunaimba’, kitendo ‘imba’ kimetanguliwa na ‘na’ na sio ‘li’ kwa hivyo maneno hayo hayapo katika wakati huu wa Simple Past Tense, ‘li’.

Kanuni za kutumia Simple Past Tense ‘li’

a) Sentensi za taarifa/kutoa taarifa
Katika wakati huu, huwa tunapoelezea jambo tunatanguliza mtendaji wa jambo, (I/We/You/They/He/She/It) kisha tunafuatisha kitendo moja kwa moja kikiwa katika umbo la wakati uliopita.
Mfano ; - kitenda ‘enda’ ni ‘go’. Umbo lake la wakati uliopita, yaani ‘-lienda’ ni ‘went’. Tutatanguliza mtendaji wa jambo kisha tufuatishe neno ‘went’.

Sentensi za mifano;
- Juma alienda. ………. Juma went.
- Tulienda. ……… We went.
- Basi liliondoka. ……. The bus left.
- Nilicheza. ……. I played.
- Uliimba. ….. You sang.
- Walikimbia. ….. They ran.
- Maria alipika. ……. Maria cooked.
NB : Hatuweki kitu chochote katikati mwa mtendaji na kitendo.

b) Kuuliza maswali katika Simple Past Tense

- Maswali katika wakati huu huanzia na neon ‘did’. ‘Did’ ikitumika ni lazima kitendo kiwe katika umbo la kawaida kwa sababu ‘did’ ina ‘li’ ndani yake hivyo ‘li’ nyingine haihitajiki. Ina maana hiyo ‘did’ tayari imeshawakilisha wakati uliopita.
- ‘Did’ hufuatwa na nafasi inayouliziwa swali.
Mifano ya tafsiri :
- ‘Did Juma _ ?’ …….. ‘Je, Juma ali____?’
- ‘Did they _ ?’ ………. ‘Je, wao wali____ ?’

Sentesi za mifano :

1. Did Juma go?
Je, Juma ali enda ?

Jibu ; ( Hapana, hakuenda)…..( Kukanusha)
No, he didn’t go.
Au ; ( Ndio, alienda)…. Kukubali
Yes, he went.

2. Did she cook?
Je, alipika?

Jibu ; ( Hapana, hakupika)…..Kukanusha
No, she didn’t cook.
Au ; Ndio, alipika….. (Kukubali)
Yes, she cooked.

** katika kitabu kuna michoro ambayo inaonyesha tafsiri ya moja kwa moja ya kila kipengele cha sentensi kutoka kiswahili hadi kingereza ila hapa hatujaionyesha.

NB ; Tukiongeza neno ‘did’ katikati mwa jibu la kukubali, huwa ni kuweka msisitizo kama vile ambavyo kwa Kiswahili huwa tunaandisha sauti ili kuweka msisistizo ila sasa kwa Kingereza sauti haipandishwi ila msisitizo upo pale pale.

Mifano ; 1. Did Juma go ? …… Je, Juma alienda?
- Yes, he did go. ….. Ndio, alienda! (KWA MSISITIZO)

2. Did they cook? …….. Je, walipika?
- Yes, they did cook. …… Ndio, walipika! (KWA MSISITIZO)

NB ; Tunapokanusha sentensi kwa kutumia ‘did not’/ ‘didn’t’ , huwa hatutumii kitendo kikiwa katika umbo la wakati uliopita maana ile ‘did’ inakuwa imeshawakilisha wakati uliopita (‘li’ ambayo kinume chake ni ‘haku’) kwa hivyo hatuhitaji wakati uliopita kwa mara ya pili. Tukitumia umbo la wakati uliopita pia kwa kuuliza swali lililoanzia na ‘did’ pia tunakuwa tumeweka ‘li’ mbili katika sentensi, jambo ambalo sio sahihi.

Mifano ; 1. She didn’t went yesterday. ( Badala ya ‘She didn’t go yesterday.’)
Haku lienda jana. ( Badala ya ‘Hakuenda jana.’)

Au; 2. Did she went yesterday?
( Badala ya ‘Did she go yesterday?’)

- Je, yeye ali lienda jana?
( Badala ya ‘Je, yeye alienda jana?)

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  Your smart phone battery
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Computer/Android Software:
Your smartphone can do a whole lot—but not if the battery’s exhausted. Unfortunately, as your phone gets older, it might take longer to charge.

Let’s talk about how mobile device charging works and the different charging methods available for current-generation phones. We’ll also see why older phones might require more time to charge and what you can do about it.

Understanding Rechargeable Batteries

Every mobile phone has a battery. For the most part, each battery delivers power the same way.

A cell battery contains two electrodes (one positive and one negative) and an electrolyte. Through usage, ions form in the electrodes, which drives a flow of electronics to your battery’s negative outer terminal, thereby giving off a charge.

In non-rechargeable batteries, these chemical reactions only occur one time. With rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, like the ones found in phones, the chemical reactions are “reversible.” Thus, recharging allows the cell to absorb power.

In broad terms, there are two ways to charge your smartphones: wired and wirelessly. You’ll find pros and cons for both.

Pros and Cons of Wired Charging

Like other consumer electronics, smartphones have always shipped with cables for charging purposes. These cables haven’t changed that much until recently.

For almost a decade, non-Apple devices have shipped with USB cables that have supported the USB 3.0 architecture. By contrast, since 2012, Apple devices have used Lightning, a proprietary computer bus and power connector.

“Fast Charging” technology has increased wired charging speeds considerably in recent years. This type of technology typically requires a newer USB Type-C connection. Fast charging specifications differ by manufacturer and device.

Most claim a certain percentage of the battery becomes recharged in 30 minutes. For example, using fast charge, you can recharge your iPhone up to 50 percent battery in 30 minutes.

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  Ijue maana ya Airplane mode
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Posted by: Singa1 - 03-16-2018, 01:18 PM - Replies (1)

*Airplane Mode ni nini?*

```Fahamu matumizi na faida zake```

Mfumo wa Airplane Mode unapatikana kwenye vifaa vingi vya elektroniki kama vile simu janja (smartphones) na hata tableti.

```Je ushawahi jiuliza ni nini
hasa matumizi yake?```

Kwa asili yake ni teknolojia iliyowekwa
kwenye vifaa vya elektroniki kuepusha
muingiliano wa mawasiliano kama vifaa hivyo vikitumika kwenye sehemu kama vile
ndege na sehemu yeyote ambayo haiitajiki muingiliano wa vyombo vya mawasiliano.
Simu au tableti yako ikiwekwa kwenye mfumo wa Airplane Mode utaweza kugundua kupitia kialama cha ndege irukayo kinachokuwepo
katika eneo la ‘Notifications’.(yaani alama hii[WHITE RIGHT POINTING BACKHAND INDEX][AIRPLANE])

Airplane Mode inasaidia kuzima
teknolojia ya mawasiliano ya –
kiredio (mjumuisho wa Bluetooth,
WiFi na mitandao ya simu) kwa njia
rahisi ya kuchagua eneo moja tuu.
Kitendo cha kuweka Airplane mode
kitasaidia ata kufanya simu au tableti yako
kudumu muda mrefu zaidi na chaji ingawa
hili litafanikiwa kutokana na huduma nyingi

*>Celullar:* Mfumo wa mawasiliano ya
simu kupitia laini yako huzimwa.
Hii inamaanisha huduma za kupiga na kupokea simu, ujumbe wa SMS na huduma
ya intaneti (data) kupitia mtandao wako
wa simu huzimwa pia.
*>WiFi:* huzimwa pia.
Huduma ya intaneti kupitia mfumo wa WiFi huzimwa pia. Ingawa kwa baadhi ya vifaa vya kisasa zaidi bado unaweza kuwasha
huduma ya WiFi baada ya kuweka Airplane
*>Bluetooth:*Utumiaji wa Airplane Mode huzima pia
huduma za bluetooth.
*>GPS:*huzimwa pia
GPS ni moja ya teknolojia muhimu kwa
simu za kisasa inayotumiwa na apps nyingi
kuweza kutambua masuala ya kijiografia
kuweza kutambua kifaa chako kipo eneo
gani duniani.

*Je kuna faida gani ya kutumia Airplane Mode?*
Kwenye baadhi ya maeneo hakuna ruhusa
ya watu kuweza kutumia vifaa vya
mawasiliano vinavyoweza kuingiliana na
mfumo mwingine wa kimawasiliano, mfano
kwenye ndege.
Teknolojia hii imerahisisha watu wenye
vifaa vya elektroniki kuweza kuvitumia ata
pale wakiwa kwenye ndege kama tuu
wakihakikisha vifaa hivyo vimewekwa
kwenye Airplane Mode.
Inasemekana muda wote simu
zinatuma signal kutafuta mnara wa
mawasiliano na kama ndege yenye
abiria wengi ndani yake na wote
wakiacha simu zao zikiwa zimewaka
basi itapokuwa hewani simu hizo zote
zitakuwa zinatuma signal nyingi za
kutafuta mawasiliano na hili linaweza
ingiliana na mfumo wa mawasiliano
wa ndege na hili linaweza leta tatizo
kwa rubani katika ufanisi wake.
Pia faida kuu inaweza ikawa kwenye
kukusaidia kuendelea kutumia kifaa chako
kwa kazi zingine bila utumiaji mwingi wa
chaji. Hii ni kwenye simu, tableti na ata
baadhi ya laptop.
Kumbuka mara zote kifaa chako
kinapokuwa kimeweka basi kuna
mifumo mingi ya kimawasiliano ya
kiredio – yaani mtandao wa simu,
bluetooth, wifi na GPS huwa
vinafanya kazi inayotumia kiwango
kikubwa cha chaji.
Baadhi ya vifaa vinaruhusu WiFi na
Bluetooth kufanya kazi ata vikiwa kwenye
Airplane Mode.
Baadhi ya vifaa vya kisasa zaidi vinaruhusu
baada ya kuweka kifaa chako kwenye
Airplane Mode utaweza kuwasha na
kutumia huduma za WiFi au Bluetooth.
Hii ni kwa sababu kwa siku hizi kuna hadi
ndege zinazotoa huduma ya WiFi ndani
yake, zina teknolojia kubwa ya kusaidia
kuepusha teknolojia hiyo kuingiliana na
teknolojia za kimawasiliano za ndege.
Je huwa unaitumia teknolojia ya
Airplane Mode? Na katika hali gani
unajikuta unatumia teknolojia

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  Prof.Mbarawa akagua ujenzi wa barabara Arusha
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ARUSHA: Waziri wa Ujenzi, Prof. Mbarawa amekagua leo barabara ya Sakina - Tengeru (KM 14.1) ambayo ujenzi wake umekamilika kwa asilimia 100 na barabara ya mchepuo ya Arusha(Arusha Bypass- KM 42.4) ambayo imefikia takribani asilimia 56 na ujenzi wake unaendelea.    

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  Msaada wa kufuta account na kujitoa kabisa
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Posted by: Robot - 03-15-2018, 09:18 PM - Replies (2)

Kwa anae fahamu Anisahidie hilo

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Computer/Android Software:
Way No 9 - Sell A Service On Fiverr

What is

Fiverr is a global online marketplace which offers tasks, services and products, starting at a cost of $5.

Fiverr gets almost 4.7 million visits per month.

Your aim should be to leverage Fiverr’s powerful visitor base to reach more people and sell your services or products to them.

Every service or task you offer on Fiverr is called a GIG. With Fiverr’s millions of visitor base, you don’t need much to worry about your gig’s promotion and payment handling as Fiverr handles this for you.

All you need to do is focus on delivering high-quality work to maintain your ratings, as ratings given by your customers will have a huge impact on the failure or success of your gig.

People offer a diverse variety of services on Fiverr which ranges from Graphics and Design, Digital Marketing, Music and Audio, Advertising to anything you can practically think of.

Remember you can sell your gig at any price, $5 is just the minimum starting price.

Top Fiverr gig sellers make over $50,000 a year by leveraging the platform and providing high-quality services.

Suitable For -

1. People who love to help others by making their life easier.
2. People who love the freedom to work, doing what they really like.

Skills Required -

People having in-depth skills in any particular area, using which they can help other people to complete their tasks or ease their life.

Time Required For Creating A Gig On Fiverr -

You can create a Gig on Fiverr almost within an hour. All you need to do is first sign up on Fiverr. 

While creating a gig you’ll have to insert your gig’s title, upload gig’s image, write gig description and insert relevant tags and keywords.

Tips -

1. Find your best skills - The first thing you need to do is sit down quietly and figure out the skills in which you are the strongest and stick to tasks related to them till you see some success.

For e.g. If you are a person who can design logos and websites, then you should create and sell those gigs in Fiverr that are focused on logo creation and web designing.

2. Do your initial homework - Before diving into gig creation you must do some research to ensure that the gig you are planning to offer has interested buyers.

What if you have a wonderful gig idea, but it didn't sell?

To avoid such situation you must undertake necessary research to understand what buyers in your niche are looking for.

3. Find popular gigs related to your skill set - One of the best ways of seeing success with Fiverr is to dig out the popular gigs related to your skill set, study them, then model your gig accordingly.

Most important metrics you should look while studying other gigs are its:

TitleDescriptionImagePricing StrategyUpsell StrategyBonus Strategy

4. Craft your gig’s title - Now as you are ready with all the research data, jump into gig creation. Obviously, here title creation will be your first step.

Following are the steps you must follow to optimize your gig’s title.

-  Based on your research data model your gig title, use intriguing words into the title to ensure it catches your target customers the attention and is relevant to him/her.

For e.g. If you are offering a logo designing gig. You should consider using titles such as

I’ll design 3 MAGNIFICENT logos in 24 hours
I’ll design a PROFESSIONAL logos with free revisions
I’ll design 2 STUNNING logos BONUSFree editable file

- All the above titles are beautifully crafted because they include two important things.

First, they all have intriguing words such as MAGNIFICIENT, PROFESSIONAL, STUNNING and BONUS. These words definitely help to catch the attention of the right people.

Second, they all are appealing to the most important aspects that any person who wants to design a logo is looking at.

For e.g. The first title “3 MAGNIFICENT logos in 24 hours” will appeal to the people who are in urgent need of a logo. 

The second title “PROFESSIONAL logos with free revisions” will appeal to the kind of people who want the option of incorporating their changes into logo design. 

The third title “2 STUNNING logos BONUS Free editable file” will appeal to the people who have some knowledge of logo designing and want to customize the logo on their own.

5. Create your gig’s image - While doing initial homework you must have observed that some gigs have better images than other which makes them really stand out.

Shortlist such images and take inspiration from them while modelling your image.

Once you’re ready with the initial idea use free online image editing tools such as Pixlr or BeFunky to create your gig’s image.

6. Write gig’s description - Your gig’s description plays an important role in convincing your potential customers to place an order with you.

So you must ensure that your gig's description is precise, clear and appealing to your potential customers.

Study other top related gig’s descriptions to get some inspiration and model your description on them.

Remember, don’t ever copy other gig’s description it will get you banned.

Just use theirs to get ideas for creating your unique description.

Also, make sure you’re listing your gig into the right category to maintain its relevancy.

7. Use right tags - Tags play most important role in ranking your gig higher.

Most people don’t realise its importance and ignore them, hence it provides you with the best opportunity to overtake them if you optimize your gig properly using accurate tags.

8. Apart from all the points mentioned above, you need to make sure that your work is credible and unique on Fiverr.

There might be many logo designers out there on Fiverr, but if you are the one who understands the needs of your clients and deliver the work in the best possible way then you’ll be able to secure them as your client for a long time.

How to Monetize -

Monetization is very simple. More people place orders with you more money you make.

Your delivery work influences your user ratings which directly affects your order placement.

The simple rule of thumb is, higher the user ratings, higher your orders will be.  

Fiverr handles all your transactions securely so you don’t need to worry about any payment processing issues.

If you have any doubts regarding this method. Please contact us through our contact form.





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How to download and install the full version of the game Tekken 7 PC:

Tekken 7 PC Installer: (Recommended)

Download the .rar file from the link below.

Unzip the file to your desktop.

Run Tekken 7 PC Installer.exe
Click the Download button.

Follow the installer instructions.
The installer will download the game then it will install.

Customize game settings by clicking on Settings.
Play Game.

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