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build email list - shihabkhan - 04-16-2019

If you haven't been told to build email lists at least fifty times already, then you can call yourself a newbie! It's made out to be the key to everything, the secret to unlocking the door to that passive income we are all in this for. But do we want one list, several or dozens?
Firstly, let's look at the advantages of having more than one list: Most niches have sub-divisions. The obvious one - internet marketing has several such as Search Engine Optimisation, Private Label Rights, Article Marketing, Pay-per-click, Affiliate Marketing, the list goes on.
So if you put up one squeeze page with a free e-book about article marketing, another about PLR etc, then you should build lists that have say five messages pre-programmed into your autoresponder that are specific to this topic.[Image: 3.png]

But of course, a visitor who signed up for a report on PLR. Almost certainly will be interested in other ways of making money online. So therefore if you build email lists that have five category-specific messages going out (say every 2-3 days) then you can follow up that series of messages with other subject areas.
This is good because you can use the 'campaign sharing' facility on Aweber for example to drop the same messages into more than one list, after that 'category-specific' first five. Also, as well as writing your follow-up messages and programming them into your sequence, you can send out 'broadcast messages' to any or all of your e-mail lists.

In fact, I would advise that your offers that you send to your list - hey, we are allowed to monetize not just build email lists, right? - go out using the 'broadcast message' facility. That way, they will always seen fresh and up to date. You can't promote a brand new ClickBank product and put it in your follow-up series, for most subscribers to discover it months or years old!
For other niches the principle is the same. Someone may opt-in to your list wanting to reduce stomach fat. But after you've given them at least five messages of valuable free content in this sub-niche you can of course send content and offers about diet pills, vitamins, exercise regimens etc.

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RE: build email list - abradatsy1859 - 04-17-2019

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RE: build email list - aehnzpitt899 - 04-17-2019

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