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Sam vs The Record Books: Week 4 What a difference a couple of weeks makes.
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Two weeks ago Sam Darnold was off to a pretty good start to his career and was trending towards the top of many quarterback metrics among all time NFL rookie quarterback leaders. Two weeks later Darnold has hit a rough patch and is no longer anywhere near the top in most categories. A few things to keep in mind. All rankings are limited to quarterbacks with at least 250 passing attempts in their rookie seasons. There have been 72 rookie quarterbacks with 250 or more passing attempts in the post merger era. Rate stats (like completion %) reflect actual current numbers for Darnold. Counting stats (like touchdowns or yards) reflect prorated numbers for Darnold assuming (and this is a huge assumption early in the season) he continues to perform at the same level all season. Let’s get to it. Below are a bunch of quarterback metrics Womens Jason Myers Jersey , listing the all time rookie leaders for each and showing where Sam Darnold fits assuming he plays at the same level all season.YardsAndrew Luck4374Cam Newton4051Jameis Winston4042Carson Wentz3782Peyton Manning3739...9. Sam Darnold3472TouchdownsPeyton Manning26Russell Wilson26 (Tie 1)Andrew Luck23Dak Prescott23 (Tie 4)Jim Kelly22...20. Sam Darnold16 (Tie)InterceptionsPeyton Manning28Jim Zorn27Terry Bradshaw24Jeff Komlo23Steve DeBerg22...9. Sam Darnold20 (Tie) Passer RatingDak Prescott104.9Robert Griffin III102.4Russell Wilson100Ben Roethlisberger98.1Dan Marino96...34. Sam Darnold72.6 (Tie)Yards/AttemptBen Roethlisberger8.88Robert Griffin III8.14Dak Prescott7.99Russell Wilson7.93Matt Ryan7.93...23. Sam Darnold6.83Completion PercentageDak Prescott67.8Ben Roethlisberger66.4Robert Griffin III65.7Teddy Bridgewater64.4Russell Wilson 64.1...27. Sam Darnold57.5Touchdown PercentageDan Marino6.8Russell Wilson6.6Jim Plunkett5.8Ben Roethlisberger5.8 (Tie 3)Steve Bartkowski5.1Robert Griffin III 5.1 (Tie 5)Marcus Mariota5.1 (Tie 5)Jake Plummer5.1 (Tie 5)...41. Sam Darnold3.1Interception PercentageDak Prescott0.9Robert Griffin III1.3Nick Foles1.9Charlie Batch2.0Derek Carr2.0 (Tie 4)...46. Sam Darnold3.9It’s very early in Sam Darnold’s rookie year, so we should take these metrics with a large grain of salt at this point , but the numbers aren’t looking so good to date. Darnold currently ranks near the bottom of the league in just about every major statistical category. While rookies generally struggle a bit, the ones who end up being good players generally show at least one area of statistically above average play early on. Still plenty of time to turn things around , but thus far Sam Darnold hasn’t shown any area of statistically above average play. We’ll track these numbers throughout the year and see how this unfolds.Jets 2018 Roster Countdown: Number 38 Dimitri Flowers Dimitri Flowers is next up in our Jets roster countdown.Name: Dimitri FlowersNumber: 38Year with Jets: 1stProjected Role: Starting fullbackHis 2017: Flowers played a productive role in the high-powered offense of Big XII Champion Oklahoma. He caught 25 passes for 464 yards and 5 touchdowns to go with 4 rushing touchdowns on 14 carries. The Jets signed him as an undrafted free agent.2018 will be a success if: Flowers beats out Lawrence Thomas to win the fullback job and produces for the Jets. Jeremy Bates is likely to use his backs in the receiving game so Flowers’ skill there could make him an asset.Odds of making the roster: As I said with Thomas, this is a competition where the winner could play a role of some importance on the team and the loser will be cut. It is a one on one camp battle Womens Terrelle Pryor Sr. Jersey , which makes Flowers 50/50.
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