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WELLINGTON Scooter Gennett Womens Jersey , May 23 (Xinhua) -- Exposure to earthquakes appears to make many children in quake-prone Christchurch more resistant to other pressures in life, according to a New Zealand study released Tuesday.

Clinical psychologist Maureen Mooney from the Joint Center for Disaster Research of Massey University analyzed children's experiences of Canterbury earthquakes in 2010 and 2011 to determine how they cope with natural disasters.

In her newly completed Ph.D. research, Mooney interviewed 42 children from five schools in Christchurch aged five, nine and 15 years, along with children from several Wellington schools as a comparison group.

"All children were interviewed 20 months after the first earthquake during an ongoing aftershock sequence, and six selected children from Christchurch were interviewed again three years after the initial earthquake," said Mooney, who has confronted crisis situations in Haiti, Cambodia and Sudan.

Mooney, who is also a Red Cross consultant, found that the Christchurch children who dealt most effectively with the earthquakes had multiple coping strategies that they used flexibly, in comparison to the Wellington children who were mainly coping with challenges appropriate to their age.

Children practised how to keep calm and used distraction as a coping strategy when they could not control the situation, but then used a problem-solving strategy when they could have some impact on their circumstances, she said, adding that distractions included playing video games, texting friends or playing sports, and problem-solving included suggestions about what to do in the event of an aftershock.

"They would use the Richter scale with me to say what they could do in a 4.5 or a 6 quake. They had worked out where to go in whatever space they were in as well," she said.

Children who didn't cope so well tended to use avoidance or withdrawal as a way of dealing with a situation, Mooney said, adding that in Christchurch, the parentchild and teacherchild relationship often provided specific protective elements that helped the children during the earthquakes.

"They purposely re-introduced the usual family or class rhythms, went on with lessons calmly after an aftershock, went out for walks, celebrated birthdays, etc. to reestablish the children's routines," she said.

Parents and teachers often helped to process or supporting children's coping abilities as well as eventually encouraging a re-focusing on everyday tasks, she said.

Aviation maintenance industry in Xiamen yields 12.11 billion yuan in 2016

In pics: Hukou Waterfall of Yellow River in N China

Kindergarten in Hebei holds activity to greet Dragon Boat Festival

People visit painting exhibition at Suzhou Art Museum

Tourists visit lily garden in SW China's Guizhou

In pics: scenery of cliffs in Guoliang Village

Cheongsam lovers give performance in east China

Pic story: Technique of making Jianzhan porcelain

RAMALLAH, July 25 (Xinhua) -- Officials from Palestinian territories, Israel, Jordan and Japan met Thursday in the West Bank city of Jericho over removing obstacles that prevent the opening of an industrial park in the city.

Ministers from the four states agreed on "special arrangements" to operate the agricultural park within four months, said the Palestinian Minister of Planning Mohammed Abu Ramadan.

Nearly three years of standstill political talks between Israel and the Palestinians caused the 200 million U.S. dollars project to enjoy little work on the ground.

This meeting came after the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said he succeeded in reaching an agreement allowing Israeli and Palestinian negotiators to meet directly next week for the first time since 2010.

Israel's Regional Cooperation Minister Silvan Shalom, who participated in the Jericho meeting, said he saw that July 30 meeting in Washington may bear "a good chance" that will lead to renewing direct talks.

"I believe it is better to talk than to fight," Shalom said, adding "That doesn't mean economy is a substitute for the political track, the two should go together."

Shalom's visit to Jericho is the first for a senior Israeli official into the West Bank since 2007.

Also the Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida and Jordan's Interior Minister Hussein Al-Majali took part in the meeting.

Tokyo is funding the project, which is expected to create jobs for about 7,000 Palestinians, while Jordan would allocate an airport for exporting the produce of the agricultural city to the Arab world, Abu Ramadan told Xinhua.

Games > Game Genres > MMORPG > Final Fantasy XIVThe conclusion regarding Final Fantasy XIV
Posted by ubdarkfall in Games on December 18th, 2012

The conclusion regarding Final Fantasy XIV even as realize that triggered plenty of inner thoughts coming from myself, since would the particular movie trailer introduced together. My partner and I sensed significant amounts of sadness, equally for your conclusion with the planet as well as the conclusion regarding my own character's account during the time (which can be attached directly into plenty of roleplaying you should not notice concerning). My partner and I sensed any mixing regarding a cure for the particular adjustments arriving at the sport as well as the planet. My partner and I sensed ideas on the mop and also movements with the activities around in conclusion plus a perception regarding shock with just what was completed.

My partner and I furthermore sensed significant amounts of disappointment on the game's computers as well as the somewhat bad function alone, yet which is sort of a great inconsequential debate. It's really a session to master to get a the next occasion that wont take place.

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